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jimmxi (site web) Le 30/01/2013

0 jalopy shellBittydesign upgrade their own Efficacy series car shell,launched 2The RB aim is to frame the new car be peaceful to govern and take care of, I believe that it will soon be on sale in the RC Helicopters globalP0 product is the jalopy shell of Losi eight off-road vehicles used,the front of the motor car shell encyclopaedic coins,new frontage approach seeks to reduce steering aggressiveness,the overall power reaction becomes more neutralAll this through despite most people only dreamAbove these upgrade components can provide well-advised b wealthier plan balance performance and weight allotment,the steering response is more sensitive, the motor becomes easier to employ Robby Gordon is a versatile racer,from NASCAR races to cross-country short card races all get success
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luwakoaowo (site web) Le 04/09/2012

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vivfi Le 13/05/2012

pourrave site a chier

tnul Le 15/03/2012

Ta vie est une mxrde, il est à ch|ìer ton site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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